Tuesday, September 15, 2009

App-ssentials. The 5 Best Apps you NEED right now.

These are the 5 best apps you need to get started loving your iphone. Keep coming back for more information on the best apps for the iPhone. We'll hook you up. 

1. WeatherEye.                                                                                                        
Price: Free

If you haven't noticed, the weather app that comes with the iPhone blows. That's why WeatherEye was created. It's FREE from the weather network, which in our opinion is at least slightly more reliable than yahoo weather.  Plus, you can take a look at short-term and long-term forecasts and impress your friends with cool radar maps during a thunderstorm. If you travel a lot, WeatherEye lets you keep track of multiple cities. Simply flick your finger across the screen and you'll be able to go back and forth between cities. 

2.  Tip Calculator. 
Price: Free

We love eating out, but our math skills aren't so hot. That's why this lovely app was invented! It takes all the guess work (or calculator work) out of tipping.  
There are a lot of tip calculators out there. But we love this one in particular.  
a) It's pretty
b) It's functional. It allows you to split the bill AND allows you to adjust what each person pays (helpful if someone orders the surf n' turf and you got a salad)
c) It's FREE

3. NY Times. 
Price: Free

Everyone has their own personal preferences for news and the App store has no shortage of News apps so if you like a particular paper or network check out the App Store under "News". However, of you're like us, and you just need something to prevent people from thinking you live under a rock, NY Times should do the trick. It's got a user-friendly interface and allows you to customize your toolbar to incorporate your own preferences. Hello Celebrity news!

4. Movies (flixster).  
Price: Free

Remember when we used to have to check the newspaper for movie listings?! You will NEVER do that again. This app allows the iPhone to use it's GPS locator to track your location and find theaters close by. From there, you can select the movies you're interested in, get show-times, read reviews and even watch trailers. I think I'm going to check out "extract" tonight!

5. If Found +
Price: 99 cents

Ok, so we know this one costs 99 cents, but if you've ever lost your phone, or have a propensity to lose things, this one is worth it. If Found + allows you to put a contact number where you can be reached if someone finds your lost phone. It shows up when the user turns on the phone and if they aren't evil (*fingers crossed*) they'll call you back. We actually had a friend whose phone was returned to her this way. Also, if you passcode lock your iPhone (in the settings) it will be more of an incentive for the person to call you. 

Keep checking back as we will be putting up a new App everyday. 

Love xxxx

Monday, September 14, 2009

We're App-Sessed.

We're not going to lie to you, we like the iPhone a lot. 
To put it simply, we're app-sessed, and i-sessed, and well apple-sessed. You get the picture. 

We want to share with you information about the best apps around. We'll let you know what's cool, functional, and just freaking awesome so keep coming back!

Yours Truly,